All undergraduate students of every School must set code of their iPad and test its examination system from now to 23rd April 2021 for final examination, academic year 2020. Please do as follows:

  1. Set iPad code from the instruction of Academic Affairs Department website. Click the link below or scan QR Code. (Students must set their iPad code of every semester.)
  2. Test your iPad with examination system by following the announcement on the website.
  3. If your iPad cannot be set its code, please contact iPad Center, Building 24, 3rd Floor or FB Page: Utccipad.
  4. Study the instruction of using iPad for examination from the website.

Download file of setting iPad code at

Watch VDO clip of setting iPad code at

Download file of examination system testing announcement with iPad at

Contact channels and report problems:

iPad Center Building 24, 3rd Floor or FB Page: Utccipad

Academic Affairs Department FB Page: UTCC EXAM WITH IPAD

Website of Academic Affairs Department at or scan QR code.