Steps of filling in information to have student ID. card done

Students can register online to have student ID. card done by Download Application ” UTCC Plus “. You can use both Android and IOS
to download the Application. After that, follow these steps.

  1. Fill in student ID number and national ID. number and press SUBMIT.
  2. Upload student photo whose uniform is the same as the example shown in the system and press NEXT.
  3. Check your name and surname and press NEXT.
  4. Fill in the current address and press NEXT.
  5. Fill in the date of card issue/date of card expiry and the address from national ID card and press NEXT.
  6. Check all information and press FINISH. The system will show Information Has Been Recorded.
  7. Students will be notified via Application UTCC Plus to confirm that your information is Recorded or To Be Corrected.

Remark: Please fill in the information where * sign appears; otherwise, the system will not record your information.

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